Free RPG Day

Saturday, 17 June is Free RPG Day, where you can get a range of free roleplaying games and products to try something new and different at no cost.

We have a range of award-winning free games, ranging from the dark-fantasy Death of Legends to modern conflict Route Clearance.  These games are ready to download, print and play right now!  Take a look at the full list of our free games here.

A German Caper

Thanks to the hard work of Thorsten Panknin there's now a German version of the heist micro story game Caper.  This version uses all the same layout and graphics as the English-language edition.

You can check it out here for free, to formulate your plan to steal a priceless treasure and ensure you aren't double-crossed!

Remember, if you want to see more micro-story games from Imaginary Empire please spend a few moments to rate our current games on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

Route Clearance

Imaginary Empire is proud to publish Route Clearance.  In this micro story game you play recently deployed soldiers tasked with clearing the road between Kabul to Kandahar of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) during the invasion of Afghanistan.

This is an expanded and revised version of Andrew Millar's winning entry in the 2017 edition of the 200 Word RPG Challenge.

You can get it for free from DriveThruRPG and RPGNow or from our Micro Games page

Also, please consider making a donation to the victims of war via or by supporting your local veterans, or returned services, association.

Introducing Micro Story Games

Last year I published my 200 word RPG challenge entry, Candidate.  This year I've decided to publish my 2017 entry Caper, and also formalise these games as micro story games.

This is a short roleplaying game where the players collaborate to imagine and describe the people, places and events of a shared story.

The short and simple nature of a micro story game, requiring minimal preparation, means that it works well to:
  • introduce people to roleplaying
  • entertain a diverse range of ages
  • act as an ice-breaker between rounds at a roleplaying convention
  • fill time while waiting for players to arrive to a regular game session
There are currently two micro story games listed on this website.  Stay tuned for more!

A Good Start to 2017

Thanks to your generosity through donations to the EPOCH Christmas Special scenarios a donation has been made to UNICEF to support Syrian children in need.  That's a great way to start a New Year.

As the winter closes in, children critically need warm clothing, blankets and other essential winter supplies. Donations made to the EPOCH Christmas Special products during 2016 are enough to purchase 3 thermal blankets for children as part of the UNICEF Syrian winter appeal.

In other news, EPOCH, Wicked Lies & Alibis and Death of Legends: First Kingdoms are all on sale as part of the DriveThruRPG New Year, New Game sale