Coming in Hot released

Beat isolation boredom by planning audacious robberies and daring heists! 

Will you get away with the perfect crime, or have to put the pedal to the metal in a high-speed pursuit?  Will you go all-in for the team, or plan a brutal betrayal to claim a greater share of the prize for yourself?  

Coming in Hot is a brand new character-driven game from the company that brought you the award-winning Death of Legends and Wicked Lies & Alibis, and the multi-ENnie award nominated horror game EPOCH.

This single session game is a perfect low preparation option both for those who enjoy creative collaboration and shared story telling, while also providing clear playing-card based mechanics for task and scene resolution, to ensure that those who prefer that, can participate equally.  Give it a try today.

New Games for 2020

With a new year, and a new decade just begun, it seems like a good time to announce two new games soon to be published:

Coming in Hot is a fast-paced, single session, story game about forming a crew, and pulling off an audacious robbery.  The game is currently being tested, art commissioned and the text finalised.

Instruments of the Chrysanthemum Throne will support a multi-session play in mythic Japan, where the characters contend with Tuskumogami, sentient objects that possess remarkable magical powers.  The text is finalised and the first editing pass has been completed.

All going well, both games will be published in the first half on 2020.  Further updates will be posted here in due course.