Inclusive Gaming

Games have the potential to bring people together to share stories; to create and collaborate.  Everybody brings a different perspective, background and experience to the table making the experience stronger for all. Inclusive gaming, where everyone is welcomed to participate, is something we should demand, exemplify and promote.

Sadly, sometimes our ambition falls short of the reality.  For that reason I'd like to direct your attention to some important work being done to promote inclusive gaming:
  • Ken Burnside addresses issues of sexism in "For Good Men To See Nothing" and outlines things that gamers and publishers can do.
  • The Backup Ribbon Project provides a visible way for con-goers to identify themselves as someone who will help if they witness harassment whether by directly intervening, getting help from elsewhere, or simply listening the person being harassed.
  • The MESSAGE (Men Ending Slurs and Sexist Attitudes in the Gaming Environment) is an internet-based campaign designed to provide a rallying point for men who want to make gaming inclusive for women.

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