Happy Holidays

Thank you for your support and interest over the last year.  At this time of year we normally publish a Christmas Special scenario for the EPOCH roleplaying game, which supports children in need.  However, this year I've been too busy with an exciting new project to organise or write a scenario, so if you're looking for a little nightmare before Christmas, with all proceeds to a good cause, you might like to check out our past specials:

Polaris Six: features a trip to the North Pole and a memorable encounter with an exploding Santa.

White Wedding: invites you to a holiday wedding where the family of the groom are likely to leave a strong impression on their guests.

Silent Night: a stopover in a remote airport, hostile weather and some truly terrifying Christmas spirits.

Bundle of Holding for Halloween

Right now you can get EPOCH and The Experiment Continues, the EPOCH companion, as part of the Bundle of Nerves +4.  Not only do you get a great discount on a range of horror games, ten percent of your payment (after payment gateway fees) goes to charity, Save the ChildrenHere's the details:

"Through Monday, October 24 the all-new Bundle of Nerves +4 presents the fourth annual collection of horror and dark-fantasy RPGs for every taste.

This new collection includes Kickstarter successes like Undying (a diceless Apocalypse Engine tribute to Vampire: The Masquerade), Breakfast Cult, and the unusual Ten Candles, a game of tragic horror played entirely by candlelight. Pay just US$8.95 to get all four titles in this offer’s Starter Collection (retail value $45) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks:
  • EPOCH (Imaginary Empire, retail price $8): The “Experimental Paradigm of Cinematic Horror” — character- (and card-) driven horror-movie survival adventure.
  • Shadows Over Sol (Tab Creations, retail $15): Hard-sf horror in a dark Solar System two centuries hence, from the designer of Against the Dark Yogi.
  • The Hell House Beckons (Kiel Chenier, retail $12): An Old School haunted-house toolkit and adventure of brain-cauterizing terror.
  • Sins of the Father (Third Eye Games, retail $10): You’re hellborn — your soul was sold long before you were born. Can you get it back?
And if you pay more than this offer’s threshold (average) price, which is set at $22.95 to start, you’ll also get this offer’s entire Bonus Collection with seven more titles (retail value $75):
  • Undying (Magpie Games, $15): A diceless Apocalypse Engine game of generational vampiric intrigue, a tribute to Vampire: The Masquerade.
  • Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors (Dead Gentlemen, retail $15): The 2015 Fate-based Second Edition of this ridculous-horror RPG of small-town monster fighters.
  • The Cold Ruins of Lastlife (Magpie Games, retail $10): A Dungeon World Chaos World of undead characters seeking lost memories.
  • Breakfast Cult (Liberi Gothica Games, retail $15): School days meet the End of Days in this Fate Accelerated game of detention at Occultar Academy.
  • Ten Candles (Cavalry Games, retail $10): Tragic horror in a darkened room with ten tea candles. When the last candle goes out….
  • EPOCH: The Experiment Continues (retail $7): New rules and four scenarios take EPOCH into new horror-movie genres.
  • NEW! Undying: All Men Must Die (retail $3): Undying designer Paul Riddle adapts his game to handle medieval court intrigue a la Game of Thrones."

Welcome to the Last City

Fragment is a science fiction roleplaying game where players develop stories about the increasingly complex relationship between machine and human.

A complete game for 3-6 players, intended to be completed within a single-session of play, Fragment uses a mix of simple dice mechanics and cards to allow players to create machine characters and slowly reveal their story through the memories of their creators.

On each level of the city, players draw on a range of suggested elements to describe  the journey of their machines.  They must find a way to defeat or evade powerful enemies who seek to block their progress.

As exploration of the city continues, the machines experience more memory fragments, enabling them to restore their ancillary features and grow more powerful.  Players may also choose to reveal their machine's primary function to access a specified benefit.

If they are successful in their task, the machines face an important decision when they reach the apex of the city.  Options are also included for machines who choose to explore the world outside the city.

Fragment was originally entered into the 2016 edition of Game Chef.  A revised edition is available for free from DriveThruRPG and RPGNow

Fragment Playtest Open

Imaginary Empire is looking for playtesters for a new game.  Fragment is a one-shot game of machines and memory, originally entered into the 2016 edition of Game Chef.  A playtest edition of the game is available now.  Fragment is a GM-less roleplaying game for 3-6 players.

Welcome to the Last City

Players take the role of machines; isolated, discarded and possibly obsolete.  Reactivated for an urgent task, the players' machines explore and navigate a decaying city where machines are ascendant, although few are  functional. If they can navigate the dangers of each city level and reach the apex of the city, the players will determine the fate of both human and machine.

Award for Death of Legends

Death of Legends, our dark-fantasy roleplaying game that tells the story of epic deeds against great odds, was recently awarded an Indie Groundbreaker Award for Best Rules and was second runner up for the Indie RPG Award for Best Free Game of 2015.

I am hugely honoured by this recognition.  My sincere thanks are due to all of those who helped make this a better game, including editor Andrew Smith, artist Thomas Boatwright, cartographer Karl Vesterberg, and all those who playtested the game and gave feedback to improve the rules, particularly Morgan Davie, Aaron Griffin and Donna Giltrap.

Christmas in July Sale

The Christmas in July sale is now on via DriveThruRPG and RPGNow, which means you can get 25% off the full range of our digital titles including games like EPOCH and Wicked Lies & Alibis for the next week.

Award Nomination

Death of Legends, our dark-fantasy roleplaying game that tells the story of epic deeds against great odds, has been nominated for an Indie Groundbreaker Award in the category of Best Rules. 

Indie Groundbreaker Awards, which are designed to shine a spotlight on excellence in the indie game design community. These awards will recognize games (and game designers) who are creating new and innovative game designs that push the boundaries both in innovation and in promoting diversity.

Candidate polarises the elctorate

Candidate, the one page micro-roleplaying game of political ambition and the quest for high office was released less than two weeks ago, but it has already polarised the electorate!  Garnering a mix of 1 and 5 star ratings it's clear that people feel strongly about this deceptively simple game. Here's a review by Mark E. posted to DriveThruRPG.com:

"Short assessment: Outstanding

Basis of review: played twice, once with three, once with four players, none of whom had roleplaying game experience or special interest in politics

Results: All players immediately grasped and happily followed the simple and clear rules and procedures. Each play of the game produced hilarious and impressively realistic dark secrets, responses to allegations, emptily platitudinous slogans and promises, cheap attacks on opponents, and polling and election results based on personal and emotional factors irrelevant to policy. The anti-immigration candidate who was exposed as an immigrant flamed out, but the animal rights vegan survived accusations of eating real chicken instead of tofu burgers and nobody learned until after she'd been elected that she secretly owned a slaughterhouse.

Specific assessment: The one page of rules and procedures may initially look simple and obvious, but this is deceptive. Features such as the Dark Secret and the assumption that all allegations by the press were true, along with the incentives created by other candidates' players acting as the reporters at press conferences and moderators at debates, yielded impressive, dare I say, "yuge" results.

Conclusion: Unlike many candidates who promise lots of great stuff for free, this game delivers. I want to praise it "bigly" for making roleplaying great again!"

Make Roleplaying Great Again

Candidate is a micro roleplaying game of political ambition and the quest for high office; create a candidate, face the press, survive opinion polls and debate the issues.

Make Roleplaying Great Again
This is a simple one-page game for 3-6 players (there is no GM) intended to be resolved in a hour or less. 

If you've ever wanted to shout at your television when watching political candidates vie for votes or tell them how they should have done it better, then this is a game for you.

Get it as a free PDF from DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

Imaginary Empire joins the Revolution

Imaginary Empire has joined Indie Press Revolution,  a network of quality creator-publishers who carry the best of the best in the independent press and sell direct to the public.  You can get our survival horror game EPOCH and award-winning whodunit game Wicked Lies & Alibis from IPR now. Pick up the books or a book + card deck bundle (along with the PDFs), which gives you everything you need to play right away. Get them here.

First Kingdoms Released

First Kingdoms is an expansion for the Death of Legends dark-fantasy roleplaying game. Take the fight against the Enemy to the frozen, magic-infused, First Kingdoms.

This expansion presents a new, highly magical, land where a shared history of war and conflict has fostered an atmosphere of suspicion and distrust between elder and younger races alike. Legendary heroes representing each race must decide who among them can be trusted in the battle for the survival against a powerful and malevolent Enemy who seeks dominion over the First Kingdoms.

First Kingdoms includes
  • Six new character archetypes including; Ice Dragon, Tree Folk, Frost Elf, Stone Dwarf, Water-Sworn (human) and Royal Coalition (human).
  • A map of the First Kingdoms with 18 territories specific to the characters and one non-aligned territory (Ruins of the Ancients).
  • Five new Final Act cards reflecting special actions or powers that manifest when a Legend dies (and a copy of the 'In League with the Enemy' card from the original game).
  • A brief guide to the First Kingdoms and notes to support facilitation of the game

Get it now from DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

Happy New Year

I hope you've had a restful holiday and a great start to the new year. Thanks to your donations to Polaris Six, the 2015 EPOCH Christmas Special, we've been able to start 2016 in fine style by helping some children in need.

According to UNICEF, millions of children around the world remain unvaccinated against preventable diseases.  These include Measles, which is one of the leading causes of death among young children and Polio, a highly contagious viral infection, which causes lifetime paralysis.  Your donation has allowed us to purchase the following vaccines via UNICEF:
  • 150 measles vaccines
  • 200 polio vaccines
Thanks for all your support! 

In other news, Death of Legends: First Kingdoms will soon be released.  This product allows you to expand the popular Death of Legends RPG to the freezing, magic infused, First Kingdoms.  It includes six new character archetypes, an amazing new map, and new Final Act cards.
Finally, there are only a few days remaining in the DriveThruRPG New Year, New Game sale, and you can currently pick up EPOCH and Wicked Lies and Alibis at a discount price.