Free RPG Day

Saturday, 17 June is Free RPG Day, where you can get a range of free roleplaying games and products to try something new and different at no cost.

We have a range of award-winning free games, ranging from the dark-fantasy Death of Legends to modern conflict Route Clearance.  These games are ready to download, print and play right now!  Take a look at the full list of our free games here.

A German Caper

Thanks to the hard work of Thorsten Panknin there's now a German version of the heist micro story game Caper.  This version uses all the same layout and graphics as the English-language edition.

You can check it out here for free, to formulate your plan to steal a priceless treasure and ensure you aren't double-crossed!

Remember, if you want to see more micro-story games from Imaginary Empire please spend a few moments to rate our current games on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.