Soaring Lions: No Mercy Released

Are you ready to raise the stakes and take your pro-wrestling games to a whole new level? Soaring Lions: No Mercy is an expansion to the award-nominated Soaring Lions roleplaying game, providing you with new rules, resources and game options.

Soaring Lions: No Mercy includes:

  • Match Stipulations that raise the stakes for Regular and Special Matches alike.
  • Rules to allow new characters to enter the Big Show as Rookies, Professionals or Experts.
  • A new Big Series Finale option; the Elimination Series.
  • Pre-generated League Commissioners, to put their own personal stamp on proceedings.
  • Pre-generated Sidekicks, to back your character in the ring.
  • Pre-generated Supporters, to cause mayhem ringside.
  • Random match location tables.
  • A new streamlined character sheet and other game materials to support seamless facilitation.