A Slice of Heaven

For a limited time you can pick up a special game bundle, created to celebrate #KiwiRPG week. Straight from the South Pacific, these games are presented by Kēmu Whakatau O Aotearoa (a collective of game designers from Aotearoa New Zealand). The bundle features 11 products by 8 designers, showcasing a range of Kiwi content.
  • It’s family-friendly (and gamer-friendly) mayhem with DINOSAUR PRINCESSES! 
  • Blades in the Dark cartographic excitement with the DOSKVOL MAPS! 
  • The barbarian within the city in NOD! 
  • Deeply-imagined spacefaring in F-SPACE! 
  • Mindbending 70s SF weirdness with LEFTCOAST! 
  • Top-rope wrestling in SOARING LIONS! 
  • Mean girl brutality in HIGH SCHOOL PRINCESS! 
  • Bloody sword-and-sorcery in ON MIGHTY THEWS! 
  • Exploring new worlds in THE NATURAL PHILOSOPHERS! 
  • Existential bookery in QUIET DAY IN THE LIBRARY! 
  • And bring cats to the cyberpunk sprawl in CYBERKITTENS: PROJECT BAKENOKO! 
Pick it up today!

Children of the Storm Released

Children of the Storm is a free introductory scenario for the Instruments of the Chrysanthemum Throne Roleplaying Game. This is a complete, stand-alone, scenario set in mythical Japan 

All the rules necessary to run the game are included with this scenario.

The players take the role of a small group of children who are given an important task on behalf of their village and entrusted with Tsukumogami (sentient objects) to help them accomplish it. Against the backdrop of a raging storm, the children must contend with both supernatural and physical challenges if they are to save their village as the New Year begins.

Four pre-generated primary characters are provided, along with four pre-generated Tsukumogami; cantankerous secondary characters who may boss the children around should they become too reliant on their power. Complete rules for resolving all the Tasks described this scenario are also included, along with a summary for the GM to aid facilitation.