A Slice of Heaven

For a limited time you can pick up a special game bundle, created to celebrate #KiwiRPG week. Straight from the South Pacific, these games are presented by Kēmu Whakatau O Aotearoa (a collective of game designers from Aotearoa New Zealand). The bundle features 11 products by 8 designers, showcasing a range of Kiwi content.
  • It’s family-friendly (and gamer-friendly) mayhem with DINOSAUR PRINCESSES! 
  • Blades in the Dark cartographic excitement with the DOSKVOL MAPS! 
  • The barbarian within the city in NOD! 
  • Deeply-imagined spacefaring in F-SPACE! 
  • Mindbending 70s SF weirdness with LEFTCOAST! 
  • Top-rope wrestling in SOARING LIONS! 
  • Mean girl brutality in HIGH SCHOOL PRINCESS! 
  • Bloody sword-and-sorcery in ON MIGHTY THEWS! 
  • Exploring new worlds in THE NATURAL PHILOSOPHERS! 
  • Existential bookery in QUIET DAY IN THE LIBRARY! 
  • And bring cats to the cyberpunk sprawl in CYBERKITTENS: PROJECT BAKENOKO! 
Pick it up today!