Coming In Hot

Coming in Hot is a game of audacious robberies and daring heists. Will you get away with the perfect crime, or have to put the pedal to the metal in a high-speed pursuit? Will you go all-in for the team, or plan a brutal betrayal to claim a greater share of the prize for yourself?

In Coming in Hot players create a shared history based on previous crimes and build their characters from these experiences, assigning strengths and weaknesses.  Players also collaborate to decide the target of their robbery and what stands in their way.

Next, the characters plunge straight into the action, carrying out the robbery and overcoming challenges using their key traits.  The game uses two decks of regular playing cards to resolve the action, with every card revealed building the tension and advancing the story.

Players must decide whether to spend their resources to improve the group's chance of success, or save them to increase their prospects of escaping the police. If they gamble wisely, they improve their chances of getting away with their prize, and increase their share of the loot.  If not, they increase the chance of the police catching them red-handed.

Coming in Hot is a complete game for 3-6 players (there is no GM), completed within a single session of play and is available from DriveThruRPG.

PDF resources for your games of Coming in Hot.

Download the Game Materials including:

  • Character Sheet -Download via Dropbox here. (1.9MB)
  • Run Sheet -Download via Dropbox here. (1.3MB)