Soaring Lions

Soaring Lions brings the drama, theatre and pageantry of professional wrestling to tabletop roleplaying. Players take the role of amazing heroes and despicable villains in a fast-paced, winner-takes-all, competition.

This game is about getting to the action quickly and building your wrestler’s story through a mix of matches and backstage drama. Character creation is simple; wrestlers are built from basic elements which you can create yourself, or roll randomly using the Legend Machine.

In a single session (or Big Show), you’ll build your character’s acclaim as you compete in matches, form alliances with other wrestlers and grab the mic to call others out. You can cash in your acclaim to generate extra effort in a match, book special matches and claim titles to seize glory.

Do you crave more action, more glory and an even bigger stage? If so, playing a Big Series allows you to build a character’s storyline over a longer period, linking several Big Shows. Between shows you spend glory points to upgrade your chara
cter to do things like developing a devastating special move, attaining celebrity status or adding devoted followers to your retinue.

The Big Series concludes with a winner-takes-all Battle Royale match that features all of the characters competing for the ultimate prize.


This is a complete game for 2 or more players - there’s no need for anyone to take the role of facilitator or Game Master (GM), but if you’d rather have an offstage role, off-stage options are included to amplify the drama and help bring the characters to life. 

The game is available from DriveThruRPG as either a PDF or a slim print-on-demand title.

Soaring Lions: No Mercy is an expansion to the Soaring Lions roleplaying game, providing you with new rules, resources and game options.


Soaring Lions was a finalist for the Pavs: The New Zealand Game Awards in 2021 for Excellence in Physical Games.


PDF resources for your games of Soaring Lions include:

  • Character Sheet -Download via Dropbox here. (2.7MB)
  • The Big Show -Download via Dropbox here. (2.5MB)
  • One-Page Game Explainer -Download via Dropbox here. (2.6MB)
  • Soaring Lions: No Mercy Character Sheet -Download via Dropbox here (2.5MB)