Wicked Lies & Alibis

The goal of Wicked Lies & Albis is to bring the genre of complex whodunit murder mysteries, popular in both print and film, to a single session roleplaying game. To achieve this the players create and develop a cast of complex characters who all have a motive to kill the victim.

Players generate characters at the table from a selection of cards, and play through several establishing scenes in the lead-up to a murder

The remainder of the game is played as a series of structured flashback rounds where each player, in turn, assumes a degree of narrative control to frame a flashback which incriminates another character.

The Game Master has a dual role, both as facilitator of scenes, and as the Great Detective, a Non-Player Character summoned to solve the murder, who summarises the evidence revealed by the characters, and reveal the motives of the characters one-by-one before finally disclosing the identity of the murderer.

There are three options to purchase Wicked Lies & Alibis and unmask the murderer at your table:

  1. Purchase the full PDF version which contains everything you need to play including high-resolution digital layouts of the cards.
  2. If you prefer to read from a printed page then pick the PDF + Softcover B&W Book and receive an attractive 6"x9" book delivered to your door PLUS the full PDF version for no extra cost.
  3. If you want to save time printing and cutting out cards then pick the Card Deck + Core Rules PDF option and receive all 121 UV coated cards, printed in high quality and delivered to your door PLUS the full PDF version.


Wicked Lies & Alibis won a 2015 ENnie Judges Spotlight Award.

Detailed reviews are available via The Most Unread Blog on the Internet. Ever and the product review page on DriveThruRPG.


PDF resources for your games of Wicked Lies & Alibis:

Download the Character Sheet which includes spaces to lay out character creation cards, a game overview and summary of the flashback rules.  Download via Dropbox here. (1.7MB)

Download the Case Track Sheet which includes spaces to track characters and your case, plus a summary of the key game rules.  Download via Dopbox here. (1.7MB)