Death of Legends Released

Death of Legends is a dark-fantasy roleplaying game that tells the story of epic deeds against great odds. Each player takes the role of a legendary hero, forges their path to greatness, then determines the fate of the Free Territories in a climactic struggle against a relentless, malevolent, Enemy.

A complete game, completed within a single-session of play, Death of Legends uses simple dice mechanics to allow players to construct a rich backstory for their characters, charting a path to legendary status.

As the last war rages, players decide where the Legends  will make their stand influencing the outcome of epic battles though the valour of their characters, and tracking the progress of the war on a bespoke fantasy map.

In the Legends darkest hour a weapon of great power, capable of destroying the Enemy, is recovered.  The characters must decide which of their number can be trusted to resist the lure of the Enemy...

Death of Legends is available as a free PDF from DriveThruRPG and  RPGNow

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