Candidate polarises the elctorate

Candidate, the one page micro-roleplaying game of political ambition and the quest for high office was released less than two weeks ago, but it has already polarised the electorate!  Garnering a mix of 1 and 5 star ratings it's clear that people feel strongly about this deceptively simple game. Here's a review by Mark E. posted to

"Short assessment: Outstanding

Basis of review: played twice, once with three, once with four players, none of whom had roleplaying game experience or special interest in politics

Results: All players immediately grasped and happily followed the simple and clear rules and procedures. Each play of the game produced hilarious and impressively realistic dark secrets, responses to allegations, emptily platitudinous slogans and promises, cheap attacks on opponents, and polling and election results based on personal and emotional factors irrelevant to policy. The anti-immigration candidate who was exposed as an immigrant flamed out, but the animal rights vegan survived accusations of eating real chicken instead of tofu burgers and nobody learned until after she'd been elected that she secretly owned a slaughterhouse.

Specific assessment: The one page of rules and procedures may initially look simple and obvious, but this is deceptive. Features such as the Dark Secret and the assumption that all allegations by the press were true, along with the incentives created by other candidates' players acting as the reporters at press conferences and moderators at debates, yielded impressive, dare I say, "yuge" results.

Conclusion: Unlike many candidates who promise lots of great stuff for free, this game delivers. I want to praise it "bigly" for making roleplaying great again!"

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