Sneak Peek: Arcane Crimes Division

You are a detective assigned to the Arcane Crimes Division in the sprawling, fantasy, city of Polarity. Together with your partner, you investigate magic and supernatural crimes, engage in thrilling chases and confront monsters and scoundrels. All while trying to keep your Captain’s blood-pressure from boiling over and consigning you to paperwork hell.

Detectives in the Arcane Crimes Division have exceptional skills and abilities; born from battle, scarred by magic, or drawn from long criminal experience. These abilities provide detectives with unique advantages when working a case, conducting a chase, or resolving a conflict. During each shift, teams of detectives battle the clock, pursuing leads across the city to unravel crimes, and bring the guilty to justice, before it’s too late.

Play as a Siege Automaton, powered by magic and steam; a Spell-Runner, skilled at navigating deadly dungeons, a Crimson Court Vampire, ageless and unnaturally attractive; a Blade, acrobatic and fearless and many more. More details soon.